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Ladies, rate your date with “dating intelligence” app Lulu

Nice guys, will it look like this? Is only for women rate men, the ads of all latest trends, has changed its approach to opt-in. Will it look like this one destination for dating app reviews – women looking for online dating app.

The app used Facebook’s friend graph to add male Facebook friends to the Lulu platform, giving a user plenty of guys to rate and review via a multiple choice quiz​.

OK, great. The outsized recognition given their inferior intelligence has led them to believe, foolishly, that they are in fact the superior sex: more rational, better at explaining things, cleverer, and in possession of inherently correct opinions. It’s delightful, somewhat twisted amusement to watch them confronted with a dating peek or window the their true position in the world; to cut down a man’s ego is like watching a dog try to open a door, or kicking up the dirt of an anthill and watching the ants scurry about, the and scared.

That vague male fear site what made the app Lulu seem fun at first. Men were not allowed to use the app; if they the to log on which the app does through Facebook , they’d be coldly denied. Lulu was an app for women, and it allowed them to rate their male Facebook friends based on a variety of personality traits, physical feats, and sex skills, all, ostensibly, in service of warning fellow women about prospective dates’ red lulu, and cheering on the lulu guys.

Lulu was like writing “For a good time, call …” on the ladies’ room wall.

Lulu dating app allows women to secretly rate men on looks, personality and commitment

Krystal Baugher. I had been on OkCupid for over a year when I said to my friend—who I had actually met from the website—that it would be fantastic if I could rate my dates, like a yelp for dating. But, someone else had the same thought and instead of pushing the idea aside, went through with it—all the way. Women, meet Lulu.

The latest Tweets from Lulu App (@on_lulu). The #1 app for dating intelligence! Girls, rate 5 Star Review: “The questions all men want answered!!: This app.

Hinge shows users a dozen or so matches a day. So how are they different? Unlike Tinder, only people in your network aka friends of friends are shown. Grindr has been helping gay guys meet gay guys in their area since In other words, the person you chat with actually looks like their photo. Launched in , Match. While not a traditional dating app, Lulu lets users rate men in their social networks.

Recently acquired by London based dating platform Badoo, Lulu is a favorite amongst females. The one that started it all. Created by a former Tinder founder, Bumble is basically the same thing as Tinder but the women have to message the guys first. Coffee Meets Bagel sends users one match a day. Happn is kind of like when you act creepy and Google cute people you just met.

RANKED: America’s most popular dating apps from best to worst

In what seems to be the app idea that refuses to die, there is — yet another — app for rating and reviewing people. This one, however, is limited to people who use dating apps and websites. A new app called Stroovy aims to help users vet the people they meet on dating sites by reading and writing reviews based on their experience. The idea is similar to Lulu , the app that began as a way for women to rate and review men they dated.

Lulu transitioned to a more conventional dating app earlier this year.

TL;DR: If you’ve ever wished you could review the guys you date, or the As the first-ever app for women, Lulu is taking the lead in this sector.

By Margot Peppers. A new app which has been described as a ‘Yelp for guys ‘ has drawn criticism for being ‘shallow’ and ‘ridiculous’. The Smartphone program allows women to write and read anonymous reviews about the people they date – but men, unsurprisingly, are less than amused. Lulu, which launched in the U. Lulu, a controversial new dating app, lets you read and write anonymous reviews about single men.

They also answer multiple choice questions which are then converted into scores out of ten. Another disgruntled reviewer took to Lulu’s iTunes preview to write: ‘Everyone deserves a new start with every relationship and this app keeps that from happening. The reviewer pointed out how Lulu could be misused: ‘Ratings and comments on an app don’t give girls “suggestions” about a guy, it gives a false pretense to who they are.

Find out the things you really want to know: Is he ambitious, trustworthy, good in bed?

The Single Gals’ New App Of Choice: Lulu Lets You Review Guys You’ve Dated

Men can create male accounts to view their results. No one thinks a laundromat gets a bad rating because the reviewer has an ax to grind after the laundromat never called her back or was really selfish in bed. If things turned sour and the two of you broke up, wait several months before rating so as to have a clearer understanding of who he was, instead of being clouded by the bad stuff from the end.

And more importantly, users are pretty pissed off too: No wonder they’re miffed. Retrieved 21 November Lulu Dating App Reviews – His early years were spent taking apart Sega consoles and writing awful fan fiction.

Lulu is the ladies-only dating app that allows women to rate the men is simple: Lulu allows women to anonymously rate and review their male.

Only women, as verified by their Facebook accounts, can read Lulu profiles. There is no Lulu hashtag for impotence, but that is roughly what happens when a man signs into the app. He can see how often his profile is viewed — and he can upload hotter pictures while hoping for the best — but he cannot see, alter, or respond to the opinions of women. This is straight-up harassment. It invites women to make public electronic slander about people. Nine months and over 1 million users later, Lulu estimates it reaches one in four college girls in America.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the man-hating free-for-all: The women were nice. Among reviewers who self-identify as ex-girlfriends and hookups, 70 percent of reviews are 7. When the reviews come from friends, 80 percent are higher than 7. One third of Lulu reviews are from hookups and exes. The rest are from friends, relatives, crushes, and current girlfriends. Positive hashtags are selected three times more frequently than negative ones. When I first opened Lulu on my phone, I gasped out loud.

What’s He Really Like? Check the Lulu App

Lulu dating app Want to opt-in. By badoo. Mingle2 is single and meet a new online trolls. Can we date today.

Dating app Lulu’s controversial guy reviews are no more. Daniel Roberts Senior Writer. Yahoo Finance March 28, A user name and avatar appears alongside.

Skip navigation! Story from Politics. Photo: Courtesy of Bek Andersen. And, here is where things, for me, get a bit morally iffy:. Then you get to answer a series of multiple choice questions, mostly about his manners, looks, physical chemistry, and commitment level. The hashtags try to be both cheeky and descriptive.

Yes, really. You enter your honest and remember, totally unidentifiable review, and then the guy is given a score for any other Lulu user to view. Photo: Courtesy of Lulu. As much as I wish I could deny my inherent curiosity, the Lulu gals have tapped into something most people unwittingly crave: the dish. I first became interested in the application when a coworker showed me a mutual acquaintance’s Lulu score.

After downloading it, playing around, and getting over the ick factor of seeing my dad on the site, I showed the program to a staunchly feminist, incredibly politically correct friend. And, who could?

Rate The Date Online: Lulu App Lets Women Review Hookups

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We also managed to catch some bugs and improve the performance.

On the app for slandering ex-boyfriends, courtesy reigns. (One third of Lulu reviews are from hookups and exes. Maybe recommending everyone else date a male friend whom you would never sleep with is some sort of.

Lulu, formerly known as Luluvise is an online dating app designed for women like myself who are looking for Mr Right or at least Mr Right Now! Instead of women being scrutinised by men like on the large majority of dating apps, Lulu allows women to take control. The app is free to download and registering an account is quick and easy, I was glued from the moment I installed it.

Chong explains how the idea of the app came about after she wanted a safe haven to discuss details of dating experiences with her friends, and describes women at being great at peer-to-peer sharing. Luluvise was later succeeded by Lulu two years later in , just several months after the app was released into the US, Lulu had a reported , men listed and rated, and currently has more over a million users in total.

Although the app is known as Lulu female friendly dating, it also attracts an abundance of single men looking to be dated and rated. The app is suitable for everyone over the age of 17 and is available in a number of languages including: English, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian and many more. In , the app moved away from Facebook and now only allows users to register using mobile phone numbers.

Lulu is available on IOS and Android and can be used on pretty much any mobile device — for the sake of this Lulu online dating app review, I accessed the app from my IPhone. Lulu stands out from the majority of online dating websites; this app only allows female users to evaluate their potential matches, by writing reviews on their appearance, character, style, sense of humour and other aspects. Lulu has a self-removal tool which allows all users, both male and female, to delete their account at any given moment.

Lulu App Lets Women Review Men They’ve Dated

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